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Browser demos

Webcaster Demos Overview

Below you can find links to our Webcaster demo applications. These samples are designed to showcase the broad capabilities of our Webcaster technology, providing you with practical experience and insight into its features. Explore our sample code to see how nanoStream Webcaster can enhance your webcasting projects.

To fully utilize these samples, please ensure you have a bintu account. Create a stream in the bintu frontend, and then append the stream name to the sample pages' URLs using the streamName URL parameter.

Before You Start

Before starting

To begin testing our samples, please sign in to your nanoStream Cloud/Bintu account and create a new stream here here.
If you have not created an account yet, you can sign up or reach out to our dedicated sales team via the contact form or by sending an email

Webcaster Samples

Append your stream name to one of the following samples:


The main sample showcases the lifecyle of the Webcaster, you can perform the following actions there:

  • append your bintu stream name to one of the URLs
  • configure stream properties in the editor WebcasterApiV6.Config
  • click Create New Instance to create a new Webcaster instance with your configuration
  • click startPreview to preview the MediaStream that will be streamed to our CDN
  • click startBroadcast to start the ingest
  • click stopBroadcast to stop the ingest
  • click recover to restart the webcast with the same configuration
  • click dispose to destroy the Webcaster instance
  • click setMuted to mute the ingest


You can play back your Webcaster ingests with our H5LivePlayer.

The main sample from above includes a side-by-side player for your convencience when testing. To create a shareable player link, append the stream name to our player demo URL:


Click here for more information on how to embed the H5LivePlayer on your own webpage.