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nanoStream Cloud Product and Services Overview

Real-time streaming to boost your business

Enable interactive live video experiences that engage your audience anywhere, any time

Infographic: nanoStream Cloud Workflow

nanoStream Cloud is an unique platform and API for live video streaming in real-time, specifically designed for global interactive business applications. Whether it is for live betting, townhall meetings, or even e-commerce, nanoStream Cloud provides high-quality live streaming experiences, supported by its commitment to 100% uptime and 24/7 operations.
The platform includes a global Content Delivery Network, Adaptive Bitrate Player, Analytics and a hand full of powerful features, all crafted to enhance both the Quality of Experience and Quality of Service.

nanoStream Cloud Components

Live Encoding

  • Ingest with RTMP, SRT, WHIP and WebRTC such as with OBS and Osprey Talon
  • Instest plugin-free directly from your browser with the included nanoStream Webcaster

nanoStream Player

  • Live Playback is supported with our unique H5Live player. The same player code runs on all browsers. The player code can easily be embedded on your own web page with a code snippet shown on the player page, or managed by our Javascript API.
  • Includes Adaptive Bitrate for playback with different quality levels, based on the viewer's network conditions. The player decides automatically which quality level to use.

nanoStream Analytics

Complete streaming metrics overview for insights on Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.


  • Geo blocking
  • Token-based security
  • nanoStream Guardian for IP and Referrer blocking

Stream management dashboard and API

Stream Management is done with our bintu dashboard and API. You will obtain and manage geo-loadbalanced URLs to enable global scale.

nanoStream Cloud at a glance

  • Sub-second latency
  • Global footprint
  • Active stream protection
  • Live Transcoding and Adaptive Bitrate
  • Browser-based playback
  • Support to all major protocols RTMP, WebRTC, SRT, WHIP and more
  • Included Webcaster for streaming directly from the browser
  • Powerful API
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Analytics


You can keep up with the latest news updates of nanoStream Cloud, upcoming events and industry trends by following our blog.