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Version v6

You're looking at the Webcaster Client API version 6, that we launched in 2023.
If you're still using version 5, check out our migration guide.
Follow this link If you still need help with nanoStream Webcaster Client API v5

Build a browser-based live streaming workflow with nanoStream Webcaster and nanoStream Cloud

We are entering a new live streaming era where browser-based, plugin-free and ultra-low latency on any device are the key drivers for interactive customer engagement. What’s needed? nanoStream Webcaster (formerly known as in combination with nanoStream Cloud!

Live streaming to large audiences with nanoStream Webcaster

Scalability for large audiences is probably the greatest challenge for new audio/video-based interactive use cases. Scaling your live streaming means to have the capability of handling different amounts of work or, in other words, dealing with a large number of viewers that might change on a short period of time.

Doing this completely relying on WebRTC-based workflows is challenging. WebRTC is not designed for live streaming, but rather for peer-to-peer collaboration. For live streaming to larger audiences, you need a service (SaaS, PaaS) to connect your WebRTC client to.

That’s when nanoStream Webcaster comes on board. Once connected to nanoStream Cloud, it becomes an end-to-end live streaming solution that easily scales to large audiences around the world, and the best: with ultra-low latency!

Using nanoStream Webcaster with nanoStream Cloud

nanoStream Webcaster will work as a powerful live encoder from the broadcaster/publisher side, ingesting directly into nanoStream Cloud. On the player side, nanoStream Cloud includes nanoStream H5Live Player, an unique playback tool that works with no plugins on all HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS.

Integration with existing live streaming environments can be used completely end-to-end with nanoStream Cloud but also integrates well with existing live streaming environments based on RTMP and HLS.

nanoStream Cloud as a low-latency CDN

You can use nanoStream Cloud as a low-latency CDN to distribute your live streams with low latency to audiences worldwide. We handle the transport for you across our own origin/edge server network.

Advantages of connecting to nanoStream Cloud

nanoStream Cloud including nanoStream H5Live Player is the perfect solution to deliver and playback live streams in a scalable way. It brings together the easiness of a cloud solution with the ability of delivery and playback in ultra-low latency on any device and HTML5 browser, including Safari on iOS. Hence, together with nanoStream Webcaster for live encoding, they set an entire browser-based live streaming workflow.

Infographic: Webcaster Workflow Infographic: Webcaster Workflow

nanoStream Cloud works out of the box; your presenters can instantly go live and share their live stream with anyone in the world, completely plugin-free within the browser.