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Reporting bugs or issues

If you encounter any bugs or issues, we're here to help! To ensure a swift resolution, please provide a comprehensive issue report with the following details:

  1. Description : Clearly outline the issue you're facing and what results you were expecting. Include time frames of any incidents when appropriate.

  2. Configuration Details : Include your configuration settings for Webcaster,, and H5live player.

  3. Stream IDs : Provide any relevant stream IDs and/or stream names that demonstrate the issue.

  4. Replication Steps : Help us understand how to replicate the issue so we can investigate effectively.

Log Information

Browser Console Log

Press Ctrl+Shift+J or F12 (Windows/Linux) or Cmd+Opt+J (Mac).
Copy and paste the console log results.

Chrome WebRTC-Internals

Open a new browser tab and go to chrome://webrtc-internals.
Click on dump, download the data, and send it to us.
Remote Support Session

For expedited issue resolution, consider a remote support session and reach out to us to arrange an online meeting.

Please be aware that this option is contingent upon your support level and may offer the most effective solution to production critical issues.