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Getting started

Before starting

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This section provides a straightforward guide to initiate your journey with Webcaster. The provided snippet exemplifies the elementary steps to set up and start a live stream using Webcaster.


  • Download and include the Webcaster JavaScript file in your project.
  • Create a new stream. Read about stream creation via the nanoStream Cloud dashbaord here.
  • Basic understanding of TypeScript or JavaScript is advantageous.


  1. Include Webcaster: Ensure the Webcaster JavaScript file is downloaded and included in your project.

  2. Configure Webcaster: Create a configuration object with essential properties, notably the bintu stream name.

    • Find the Webcaster Client API docs here.
  3. Instantiate Webcaster: Initialize a Webcaster instance with your configuration.

  4. Setup and Begin Streaming:

Code Snippet

import { Config as WebcasterConfig, Webcaster } from '../../dist/nanostream.webcaster';

const config: WebcasterConfig = {
streamName: 'my-nanostream-name'

const client = new Webcaster(config);

client.setup().then(fullCfg => {


Next Steps

With the fundamental streaming setup complete, you are encouraged to delve into more sophisticated functionalities like stream control, metrics integration, and personalization. For comprehensive information, refer to the detailed feature sections in the Webcaster SDK documentation.