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Support Options

If you experience any issues or have questions, there are certain ways to do some diagnostics on your end. If you do not find a solution, please create a support ticket.

To check your network connectivity, please read our network diagnostics information page.

Live Stream Information

A live stream in nanoStream Cloud is identified by either a bintu stream ID or stream name. For any issues you report to us, please add

  • the stream name and ID
  • your live camera and encoder configuration
  • your player page or a link to our demo player
  • the time of the issue, UTC time, and if it happens frequently
  • your geo location of live encoding and playback
  • the result of the network diagnostics

Additional information for player issues

  • Does the issue happen on all of your test streams and sessions?
  • Please check your live encoder configuration: try lower bitrate and keyframe distance 2s

Test Player

You can use our demo/test player for verifying your playback.

Example URL:

Replace h5live.rtmp.streamname=XXXXX-YYYYY with your bintu stream name.

You can also predefine a specific geo location for playback.
Replace with one of the locations mentioned below.

Geo Locations

By default, the URLs you get from our system are load-balanced between different geo locations. This means you will land on different servers close to your location.

You can override the geo location detection for both encoding/ingest and playback.


In general overriding the default URL is not required and most of the time not recommended.

nanoStream Cloud Public URLs

Standard URLs, geo-loadbalanced:


Geo Region Override

Geo regionURL
bintu-play from
bintu-stream (ingest) from
bintu-play from US
bintu-stream (ingest) from US
bintu-play from US
bintu-stream (ingest) from US
bintu-play from Asia
bintu-stream (ingest) from Asia
bintu-play from
bintu-stream (ingest) from

Primary host URLs

If you need to test with specific hosts, please contact us. Primary host URLs will only be shared on request.

Additional Help

There are other secondary regions like South America, Turkey, Japan, Hongkong.
Please create a support ticket for additional help.