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Secure playback with H5Live

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Encrypted playback

When using H5Live player, all playback is encrypted by default over HTTPS.

Token Security for nanoStream H5Live Player

Enable Security feature

Token Security for nanoPlayer is not enabled by default and requires a separate account and business agreement.
Please contact us for further details.

H5Live Player supports signed URLs with tokens to restrict playback to a specific time or / and domain. To use token security, you need a security enabled Bintu organization in nanoStream Cloud.

Notice that once the secure feature is enabled for your organization, every stream group (H5Live Player v4.18) or stream playback requires a token. It is not possible to playback a stream without a token. Thus we recommend to use a second Bintu organization to not interfere with your current (production) setup.

There are 2 options for secure playback configuration:

  1. Simple configuration with JSON Web Token (JWT) (since v4.18.0) A standard conform security token, recommended for new users of the secure playback feature, easy to use for single stream and ABR configuration.
  2. (Deprecated) Configuration with STS token Proprietary security token with multi value format, commonly used before v4.18.0, available for backwards compatibility.