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Stream group configuration

Using stream group configuration with standard nanoStream Cloud

Introduced in nanoStream H5Live Player Version 4.18.0, part of nanoStream Cloud 2022, bintu stream group makes the configuration easier, particularly in case of more than one stream. While the configuration via entries requires passing rtmp.streamname or bintu.streamid value for each entry in the source object, the stream group feature allows to pass once the to have available all entries included in the stream group. Due to response from the Bintu API being decoded to deliver expected entries, this solution makes a shorter and easier configuration.


The stream group supports both: standard and secure stream playback.

Adding the stream group to the config

Find the stream group id in the stream object in the Cloud Dashboard or in the /stream/{id} response from the Bintu API. Pass the group object with nested 'id' : 'your_stream_group_id' in the source.
In case of a secure stream group, add security with JSON Web Token (JWT) 'jwtoken' : 'your_token'. Find more information about the security with JSON Web Token here. Adding 'apiurl' and 'startQuality' is optional.

JSON representation

'config': {
'source': {
'group': {
'id': 'xxxxxxxx-zzzz-yyy-aaaa-aaabbbcccddd', // your stream group id
'security': { // required for secure group playback
'jwtoken': 'xxx' // your security token if applicable
'apiurl': '', // optional
'startQuality': 'medium' // optional

Config example with stream group

var config = {
"source": {
"group": {
"id": "xxxxxxxx-zzzz-yyy-aaaa-aaabbbcccddd", // your stream group id
"security": { // required for secure group playback
"jwtoken": "xxx" // your security token if applicable
"startQuality": "medium" // optional

Player Embed with stream group configuration

For Player Embed the stream group feature is available since embed v1.3.1. It is necessary to configure it via URL parameters:,, group.startQuality.

'group.startQuality' parameter

New parameter 'group.startQuality' is an enhanced version of 'config.source.startIndex', designed particularly for the stream group feature where the number of streams might be unknown at the time of configuration. Instead of passing the startIndex that is mapped with the stream index, startQuality is based on the range of streams within given quality. Streams assigned to the startQuality vary depending on the total number of available entries.

group.startQuality values:

  • high
  • medium-high
  • medium
  • medium-low
  • low

Regardless of the amount of streams, the values will always be mapped to a start index and thus result in a valid configuration.

Examples of startQuality to startIndex mapping:

number of streamshighmedium-highmediummedium-lowlow