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Developer Manual


Not all modules are contained in all configurations. Please ask for availability and prices.

Live Video Capture Active-X Control (

Active-X-Control compatible with ActiveX technologies for Windows C/C++, NET/C#

nanocosmos H.264 video encoder (Filename:

DirectShow video encoder filter for encoding live video to H.264

nanocosmos AAC audio encoder (Filename:

DirectShow audio encoder filter for encoding live audio to AAC

nanocosmos MP4 File Writer

DirectShow filter for creating MP4 files with H.264 support

nanocosmos RTMP Network Writer (Filename:

DirectShow filter for streaming to RTMP Servers Example URL: rtmp://localhost/live+myStream

HD / UDP Streaming Filters

DirectShow Streaming components for HD video streaming in Local Area Networks: Point-to-Point, Broadcast, Multicast support Example URL: udp://localhost:1234

WindowsMedia Encoding and Streaming

Streaming component compatible to Microsoft WindowsMedia Video Formats:

Additional Extensions:

  • nanocosmos Stereoscopic 3D-Video Mixer supporting Side-by-side/Interlaced/Color Anaglyph modes
  • Video Resizer for resizing and deinterlacing video
  • Overlay Filter for blending of, Texts, Bitmaps, Tickers, etc.
  • Desktop Capture / Screen Grabber Filter for Application Streaming e.g. Games (upon request)
  • Remote Control Function for Keyboard Feedback
  • Player/Clients for DirectShow/Applications or Browser-Plugin or Flash based
  • Live Video Encoder Application Reference Application to show functionality in a simple end user program

DirectShow Filter usage with GraphEdit / GraphStudioNext

All Live Video Encoder components are available as DirectShow filters and may be used within DirectShow applications.

We recommend using GraphStudio as a replacement for GraphEdit, as RTMP URLs may be set easily with this software.


Setting DirectShow properties from C++

The H.264 parameters may be set by calling the InanoCodecOpts interface. The RTMP output path may be set by calling the SetFileName() method of the default DirectShow FileSinkFilter interface.