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nanoStream Guardian

This section describes the Guardian features which can be accessed within the Analytics Dashboard.

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Further details and general information about the nanoStream Guardian features can be found here.

Guardian Menu

Before starting

To begin, please sign in to the Analytics dashboard using your nanoStream Cloud/Bintu account credentials.
If you have not created an account yet, you can sign up or reach out to our dedicated sales team via the contact form or by sending an email to sales(at)

Once you logged in, click on the Guardian tab to open the Guardian menu.

Screenshot: Analytics Guardian Screenshot: Analytics Guardian

(A) Data Table contains specific user properties that were collected for different IPs. (Explanations regarding the different columns can be found directly below the table in the Guardian tab.)

(B) Filter to investigate stream related user behavior or streams with STS tag configuration.

(C) Time Range Filter (UTC Time) the start (From) and end (To) of the time range to search in. Adjust this easily by jumping backwards and forwards, using the - and + buttons. These select the pre- and post- time range depending on the current selected range.

To use referrer blocking as a security measure, you have to switch into the Breakdown tab.

Screenshot: Guardian Breakdown Screenshot: Guardian Breakdown

(A) IP Block Button that blocks the corresponding IP from stream access.

(B) Referrer Block Button that blocks requests from a specific referrer.

Detailed View

Screenshot: Guardian Detailed View Screenshot: Guardian Detailed View

(A) Data Table shows detailed information of the selected IP.

(B) IP Address of the displayed data.

(C) List of STS tags lists your top used STS tags. This can be helpful to specify your investigation.