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Analytics API Error Codes

In this table we provide an overview about all possible error codes that you could encounter using the nanoStream Analytics API.

Request Configuration Errors

The following error codes will be send as a response to faulty request configurations.

Error CodeShort NameDescriptionHTTP Code
101001Endpoint not foundThe requested URL was not found on this server. This may happen if you are trying to access a wrong/unavailable URI endpoint. Please verify, that your request will be send to<path-of-your-desired-endpoint>.404
101002Param requiredA parameter is required, but is missing in the request. The response body should contain more information about which parameter is missing.400
101003Wrong data typeYour request contains a value with an unexpected data type. Make sure you define the correct data type (e.g. numbers with/without quotes).400
101004Invalid value1 or more parameters you sent, have not passed validation. This happens, if you try to filter for non-existing countries or faulty time range references.400
101005Too many paramsThe route you are trying to access does have a maximum limit of parameters. Some routes do have a limit for stream names or tags filter. Please refer to our API documentation to check if there are limitations to the used route.400
101006Invalid request bodyThe request body contains invalid/unexpected data or follows an unknown/falsy structure scheme.400
101007Missing props request bodyThe request body has missing properties. Check your request body content and compare it with the route requirements at our API documentation422
101008General request body issueFound issues within the request body. These can be referred to format issues (e.g. stream names must be strings), issues with one or more stream names, that do not belong to your organization or issues regarding stream alert data access, while the stream was manually excluded from alert detection before.403
101009Invalid headerThe given header is invalid and does follow our request scheme. Details can be found in the response statement.403
101010Tag stream intersection issueThe intersection of multiple sets of streams, which are tagged with the respective tag, has resulted in an empty set of streams. Please use less or other tags for filtering.404

Learn to specify your request correctly by taking a look at our API documentation.

Authentication Errors

These error codes will be send as response, if the user authentication is not working properly.

Error CodeShort NameDescriptionHTTP Code
102001User not foundThe used user account is not known to our systems.404
102002Invalid user credentialsThe provided email or/and password is/are incorrect.401
102011Organization not foundThe used organization is not known to our systems.404
102012Organization is not enabledThe used organization is not enabled. Please contact us! We will get in touch with you shortly.403
102021API key not foundThe provided API key is invalid or malformed.404

Filter Errors

If the filter options are not used as intended, the user will be notified by these error codes.

Error CodeShort NameDescriptionHTTP Code
103001Stream not foundThe provided stream name is not found on our servers. Please check for typos.404
103002Tag not foundThe given stream tag is not found on our servers. Please check for typos and varify if this tag actually exist, using the bintu API.404
103003Country not foundThe provided country/region is not known on our servers. Please check for typos.404

Processing Errors

Processing errors may be encountered if something unexpected is happening on server side. The causes of this can be the results of a server maintenance, hotfixes or unexpect problems with ingest clients, etc.. If you encounter such errors, please submit a support ticket or contact us directly.

Error CodeShort NameDescriptionHTTP Code
104XXXInternal ErrorSomething went wrong on our servers. Please try again later. If this issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact our support team500

Accessability Errors

The following error codes do occur, if you cannot access metric data due to a problem with your login token or user permissions.

Error CodeShort NameDescriptionHTTP Code
105001Access deniedYou got no access to the content you requested.403
105002Access level too lowAccess denied: The user access level is too low. Reason could be your organisation access level or individual user role.403
105003Access for Analytics Dashboard onlyAccess denied: This route does not support requests via API. Please consider using our Analytics Dashboard to access further utilities and details about your live streams and audience!403
105011X-ACCESS-TOKEN errorThe provided login token is invalid or malformed.401
105012X-ACCESS-TOKEN missingJWT token has not been set for the request. Please add to the request header field 'x-access-token' your JWT token.401