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Screen Sharing

The nanoStream Webcaster supports screen sharing!

Instead of a web camera you can use a screen or a window, depending on the browser used, as a live video source.

Supported Browsers

Screen sharing is currently available for desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari 13+

Screen sharing is a built-in feature in modern desktop browsers. For early Google Chrome versions, a certified browser extension was required due to Google security policy. Starting from Google Chrome 72+, however, screen share is supported without the need to install the browser extention.

Setup Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is enabled by setting video source to screen in the configuration object passed to startPreview(config). Note that the default video source's value is camera.

// to enable Screen Sharing, we pass "screen" as a source to the video device configuration

var videoDeviceConfig = {
source: 'screen'

var audioDeviceConfig = {
device: 0 // we select the first available audio device

var config = {
videoDeviceConfig: videoDeviceConfig,
audioDeviceConfig: audioDeviceConfig,
elementId: videoElement