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Browser demos

Webcaster Demos Overview

  1. Easy and quick demo for simple tests:
  2. Complete webcaster application:
  3. Webcaster-Berlin:
  4. Developer Samples, see documentation getting started.

Find further info below.

Easy and quick demo for simple tests

Click here to try the nanoStream Webcaster demo.

  1. On the right-hand side of the page you see the nanoStream Webcaster broadcast from your camera.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster Demo Ready

  1. Click on the image for a webcam preview.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster Preview

  1. Click on the orange button to start the broadcast. You will need to provide your email first.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster E-Mail Authentication

  1. Your broadcast will then start: the live stream is sent to nanoStream Cloud and a new window from nanoStream H5Live Player will appear right below with your live stream.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster Broadcast Started Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster H5Live Player


The H5Live Player shows the low latency live stream coming from nanoStream Cloud. You can share the URL to test low latency live playback on any HTML5 browser.

Try our sample page

Before starting

To begin, please sign in to your nanoStream Cloud/Bintu account and copy your API key here.
If you have not created an account yet, you can sign up or reach out to our dedicated sales team via the contact form or by sending an email to sales(at)

Sample page

Click here to use our sample web page with all broadcast features for further testing.

  1. Open the page in a WebRTC-compatible browser (Chrome or Firefox) and add your bintu API key to the browser URL.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster Sample Page Set Up

  1. You will see a preview of your camera image or screen in the Local Video window.

  2. If you want to choose another camera or microphone, select options.

  3. You are then ready to start your broadcast. Simply click on broadcast to start the live stream.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster Broadcast Settings

  1. The live stream is sent to nanoStream Cloud and can be played with the H5Live player. To start playback click on play h5live stream below the Broadcast Settings.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster Play H5Live Stream Button

  1. The player will open in a new web page. You share this web page and open on all HTML5 browsers to play the live stream in ultra-low-latency. The player page also shows a Javascript code snippet to embed on your own web page.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster Live Broadcast


Click here for more information on how to embed the H5LivePlayer on your own webpage.

  1. Broadcast configuration

The nanoStream Webcaster broadcast configuration is automatically set to H264 video with 500 kbits/s. Audio is sent with the Opus audio codec and will be transcoded automatically to AAC for live distribution with nanoStream Cloud.

Screenshot: nanoStream Webcaster Broadcast Settings