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Purchase and License Questions

How to purchase a product?

There are different possibilities depending on which product you would like to buy. Please check our homepage for further info, or contact us via the contact form or by sending an email to sales(at)

Do I have to pay Royalties?

Royalties (or licensing (is)) are required for the distribution (re-distribution) of products containing any element(s) of the nanoStream, Professional Broadcast, Decoder or Custom Development products.

Do I have to pay fees to the Mpeg-LA or other patent organizations?

All customers are responsible for any fees applicable to the MPEG-LA or other patent holding organizations based on the type of product that is distributed. These fees are to paid separately from the nanoStream / nanocosmos software.


Extra fees are sometimes required in certain circumstances pertaining to distribution and amounts according to the mpeg-LA

After buying do I own the source code from your SDK?

The Source Code is not included as part of the nanoStream software and nanocosmos retains all rights to it's Source Code at all times.

Do you offer customization and development work?

Yes we offer full customization for all our products. We offer customization for an extra fee according to the amount of work that is required. Please contact us via the contact form or by sending an email to sales(at)

How do you compare with other software?

Business model

Our approach is working closely with our business customers to enable them creating custom video coding and streaming applications.

Other vendors rarely offer custom solutions and 3rd party product integration.

Technical features

Our product line covers a wide range of features and application models:

  • high level applications with graphical user interface
  • web browser applications runnign with the nanoStream plugin
  • ActiveX Controls and DirectShow codecs for custom integration

Compared to other software products, our product line contains high quality H.264 video and AAC Audio codecs, which allows full compatible encoding and streaming to Web pages with Flash and Mobile Devices such as iOS and Android. WMV/WMS streaming with VC-1 is possible to WindowsPhone.

Other vendor products only include mp3 audio encoding, which is not compatible to iOS.

See this comparsion table for further information.