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Capture Devices & Camera Support Questions

Questions Overview

Which cameras and capture cards are compatible with nanoStream?

Basically every camera connected to a live encoder hardware or software can be used.

The connection to nanoStream Cloud is the RTMP protocol, with the H264/AAC video audio codecs.

Most live encoder hard- and software support this protocol.

nanoStream Webcaster and nanoMeet use the browser-builtin architecture to connect a camera and encoder, based on HTML technologies and WebRTC. If your camera works with the browser, it should also work with nanoStream Cloud.

There is a range of cameras which are tested in our lab and verified.

Our recommendations:

  • Web cams: Logitech or Microsoft
  • Studio based encoding Blackmagic Decklink, Videon, Teradek

Can I stream from an IP camera?

It depends. You may need to connect the IP cam to a PC as a live source and stream with RTMP, We can also provide custom support for specific IP cameras.

Devices and cameras supported for Android and iOS?

Web Applications / nanoStream H5Live

nanoStream H5Live Player

nanoStream H5Live player is compatible to most HTML5 browsers, either based on - ULL HLS (Safari/iOS) - MSE (other browsers)

Known to work for H5Live plugin-free are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE

For Windows 7 / IE there is a Flash player fallback


Some builtin browsers, especially on Android, do not fully support HTML5. This might affect builtin Samsung browsers.
We recommend using Chrome.

nanoStream Webcaster Broadcaster

Most browsers supporting the latest HTML5 WebRTC standards should work. Apple introduced WebRTC support end 2017 for iOS/Safari, and the WebRTC standard is not fully finalized yet, so there might be specific issues on specific devices. Please contact us for details.

Native Applications / nanoStream SDKs

nanoStream native SDK iOS

All iOS devices running iOS8 and higher should be compatible with nanoStream Live Encoder for iOS. It is recommended to use at least iPhone 5s or higher with the latest updates available.

nanoStream native SDK for Android

Recommended Android version is 5.x or higher

Compatible devices for Android:

There is a wide range of Android devices known to work with nanoStream, e.g. Samsung Galaxy S and Tab, Google/HTC/LG Nexus/Pixel, Sony XPeria