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How to use the Stream List - (V2)

We upgraded to V3

With the release of nanoStream Cloud 2022, it is now even easier to create and manage live streams, especially for Adaptive Bitrate and secure streams!

Find the documentation of V3 here.

The stream list displays all of your streams. It includes streams that are live, created and expired.

Finding the Stream List

Click Streams on the right-hand side of the homepage to find the stream list.


Clicking on one of the streams will open up its Stream Overview displaying important parameters of the stream.

Stream Status

As you can see, some streams are displayed as Live, some as Created and some as Ended.

These terms refer to the status of each stream.:

  • a stream that is live is right now sending a live video.
  • a created stream is not yet sending a video
  • a stream that has ended is not anymore outputting footage.

Stream IDs and Stream Names

Stream names and IDs are important identifiers for each stream.

Working with Tags

The stream list also shows the tags that are assigned to each stream. This is helpful for example when searching for a specific stream. Click Search and then Search Tags to filter your streams by tag. You can also search the stream list using the date a stream was created.


Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful for you. For further assistance, use our contact form, browse the FAQs or contact us via support(at)